Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Studio and how does it differ from Virtual Art Camp?

They are very similiar with a few important modifications: The Studio is a weekly show with 30 minute episodes that will allow viewers to learn about distinct artist and techniques. During each episode, viewers will have the opportunity to engage in hands on creation (similiar to Virtual Art Camp). Art projects on The Studio will be differentiated based on artistic level (beginner and advanced) and the pace of modeled steps is slightly more accelerated.

When do episodes launch?

Weekly episodes launch each Wednesday. A private link will be sent to all subscribers each Wednesday. Subscribers have unlimited access to monthly episodes. Season 1 starts on Wednesday, November 4 but there will be a complimentary Halloween episode for subscribers that sign up on or before October 27.

How much do episodes cost and how do I sign up?

A monthly subscription (which includes 4 episodes/month) costs $25. Go to

What materials will I need?

We will send out a materials list for the month. Below are the primary supplies needed. Art Basics: Sketch pad (Mixed Media Style) Pencils Crayons Colored Pencils Markers Oil Pastels Watercolors and brush Acrylics or Tempra Paint Brush Canvas Glue Gluestick Construction Paper Air Dry Clay

What if my child is not confident in creating the art?

It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay if their art does not look like the example. We are all different people and see the world in different ways. No artist can create the exact same work as another and should not strive to. How we see, process, and create are what makes us unique! The most important part is that they are giving their best effort and trying to learn the technique/skill.

What type of art or artists are highlighted on The Studio?

The Studio has a specialized focus on art and artists of color and the lesser known.


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