Mural Price List


Minimum Price:  Murals sized 0 to 160 Square Feet:  Price is $5,600

Pricing starts at $35 per square foot and decreases with increased size of mural; at 290 sf price drops to $32/sf – at 500 sf drops to $30/sf – at 900 sf price drops to $28/sf.

(Square Foot is determined by multiplying the height x width of the painting surface)

*Price per square foot may increase if design requested is complex.  This will be indicated in price quote and determined at the time that the final sketch is approved.


SAMPLE PRICING, per square foot:

Prices per Unit Size (sample sizes)


Up to 10ft. x 16ft.    160ft.    $5,600.00

11ft. x 16ft.    176ft.    $6,160.00

12ft. x 20ft.    240ft.    $8,400.00

13ft. x 20ft.    260ft.    $9,100.00

14ft. x 21ft.    294ft.    $9,410.00

15ft. x 23ft.    345ft.    $11,040.00

17ft. x 26ft.    442ft.    $14,144.00

18ft. x 28ft.    504ft.    $15,120.00

19ft. x 30ft.    570ft.    $17,100.00

20ft. x 31ft.    620ft.    $18,600.00

25ft. x 39ft.    975ft.    $27,300.00

28ft. x 44ft.    1232ft.    $34,500.00

Non-Refundable Design/Sketch Fee:  $150.00 – Includes up to 2 sets of changes by client (Additional sketches charged at $50/sketch)

Pricing includes:  Travel within DMV area, all materials, rental equipment, assistant fees and work to completion.

Pricing does not include:  Travel outside of DMV area, liability insurance or Wall Preparation.

*Additional work due to adverse conditions on surface that requires extraneous labor will be charged extra, by the hour, at a rate of $150.00 / hour, and sometimes cannot be determined until after the job has begun.

PAYMENT TERMS:  Design fee of $150 due prior to sketch process.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is due two weeks prior to start date of painting (this allows ordering of supplies and scheduling.)  Full balance is due on the final day of completion.

*Smooth Surfaces preferred due to work being painted with hands not brushes.

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